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Scout and proud

Thanks to TC for this one;

This is for everyone who once was, is about to rejoin, or still is in Scouting and proud of it

You eat better at camp then you do at home

You can pitch a tent anywhere with your eyes closed.

You can relate anything you do to a camp story.

Your friends tell you to shut up about what you did on the weekend coz they are like ‘righto… and you did that why?!?!?!?!?’

You’ve been to at least one jamboree and had the time of your life.

You know what a jamboree is.

You’ve been to a cuboree, venture or moot and had the time of your life

You know what a cuboree, a venture and a moot is.

You forget that girls in scouting are actually girls until you see them in girly clothing ex. Bathing suite.

Girls, you NEVER forget that guys in scouting are guys 😉

You see a fleur-de-lis and think of scouts before Quebec, unless you live in Quebec.

You are not actually a scout but you tell people you are because they have never heard of Venturers or Rovers.

You have to explain what rovers and venturers are

You automatically hit it off when someone tells you they are also in Scouting.

Fires are made from more gas and other substances then wood.

The meetings go on, even if you are locked out of the meeting room.

Tents are optional when camping.

Rain is seen as a source of drinking water.not a pain in the butt.

You have more badges from camps then you know what to do with.

You don’t know why people use flashlights.

You can kick white waters ass in a canoe, but the moment you hit flat water you tip.

You first move away from home and all you eat is camp food because it is the only thing you know how to cook.

EVERYTHING is just better outdoors.

You give a normal person your left hand to shake and don’t even realize it until they look at you funny.

You see the dirt in your food, but eat it anyway.

You begin packing 10 minutes before you’re supposed to leave.

When every stain has a story behind it.

You couldn’t imagine dating someone non-scouting.

You see a pile of wood near the river and within a day you’re floating away.

Camping comes second hand nature to you.

You could not think of a better way to meet great people then scouting.

When camping and ashes get into your hot chocolate it adds the little bit of extra flavour. Same goes for marshmallows.

All fires built must be massive!!!!!

You buy your next car based on how much gear it will carry.

You have mastered the skill of changing in public without exposing yourself.

You know you’re a scout when people at work ask what you did at the weekend then stare at you like you’re crazy when you tell them.

You know you’re a scout when you can get everyone’s attention with just a cheer!

When you & your group do a cheer for a group of people who aren’t in scouts they look at you insane.

When your house has as much troop stuff in it as anything else.

You are known by your scout name to more people than by your real name.

People offer to lend you a tent for a non Scouting event and then look at you strangely when you explain you have 3 at home.

You know you’re a scout when you wear a camping shirt to class and everyone looks at you like your diseased.

You know you’re a scout when you brag to your friends about how indestructible your socks are.

You know you’re a scout when someone says “I just broke my arm” and you respond immediately with” its okay I brought duct tape”.

You know you’re a scout when people don’t believe you that the lighter in your pocket is not there to light up cigarettes but to light up fires.

You know you’re a Scout when you and your significant other met while working at camp, and over half the people at your wedding were scouts.

You know you’re a scout when you have a separate drawer just for camp shirts.

You know you’re a scout when you watch Survivor and you know you could do so much better!

You know you’re a scout when tents are optional…along with a shelter at all.

You know you’re a Scout when you come home from a camping trip and your nice tan washes off in the shower.

You know you’re a scout when you get back from camp and realize you’ve had
12 hours sleep in 60 hours…. and you have a Biology test the next day.

You know you’re a scout when you won’t even consider buying white clothes because you know they’ll end up a different colour.

You know you’re a scout when you start off a sentence by saying “this one time at camp…”

You know you’re a scout when you know that rope bridges should be built with cable ties and duct tape.

You know your a scout when your group organises a cross dressing international cooking night.

You know you’re a scout when the no sharing tents if you’re of opposite sex rules never work.

You know your a scout when your with your friends in scouts let it be known that you are a SCOUT and PROUD


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As per usual, I’m not prepared for JOTI/JOTA this year. Sure we’ve had it on the program, and we’ve let the Cubs know it’s on. Well ok, I am a lot more behind than usual – I blame the school holidays, and the flu, and work, and … you get the idea.


Download and read the JOTI CRASH COURSE (PDF)

First and foremost this can not be stressed enough…
If this is your first time on JOTI or you are not familiar with it
CONNECT AND TEST BEFORE JOTI BEGINS!!! The best form of advice any leader can have when faced with
JOTI is to connect to ScoutLink and join some chats before JOTI weekend

You have just been under the house, down to shed, searching in the compost for all of those computers that you used for JOTI last year and haven’t touch since. Now if these computers are running Windows and you need to patch and update each of them you are looking at a couple of all-nighters!
As long as the rotting carcass computers are not too obsolete and can boot from their CD drives you can run a live LINUX Operating System. Wow, download the current ISO and burn off your CDs and you are ready to go.
I prefer KNOPPIX which is currently at version 5.1.1
If you don’t want to reconfigure the machines after a reboot you can save settings; I don’t bother as I find the IRC setup pretty quick.

You are always going to run into something that needs a Windows machine during the weekend, so have a current machine or two available.

Grab the Chief Scout’s & Chief Guide’s JOTA-JOTI Address Download, burn it onto a CD (or MP3 player) so that you can use it to launch your JOTI/JOTA camp.

Broadcast on the Saturday of JOTA-JOTI at 1300K (0300Z) for 10 minutes by various rebroadcasters throughout Australia. Test transmissions will commence at 1250K. Speeches by the Chief Scout, Patron of Guides, and Scout and Guide Chief Commissioners will conclude by 1310K. The Chief Scout’s JOTA-JOTI Message will be available as an MP3 file in the week before JOTA-JOTI and all the weekend. The Chief Scout’s JOTA-JOTI Message may be saved to CD or played from your computer at any time during the weekend.

At the start of your event have an introductory session, give an overview of what the weekend will be like. Set the ground rules for the use of the computers and the internet. ** remember safety on line **
We use a generic email address for our site rather than having the kids use their own.
We generally use a video to introduce the internet, Warriors of the net, it’s getting a bit old now but gives a bit of an introduction.

Funnily enough EH&S at work says we need to take regular breaks from our computers for our health and well being, so we should allow for this in our JOTI program. Have regular breaks from the computers … run communication games such as communications LEGO (PDF), have some fun with UHF radios on a hike, use GPS to find a treasure that you looked up on the internet.

Coffee is good, strong coffee is better!

Put up some world maps and have map pins or the thin post-it flags to mark locations that you have made contact with. Some wall charts with world flags, some atlas or geographical references, and a globe go down pretty well — setting up a reference corner is worthwhile if you have the space.

More Coffee is good, stronger coffee is better!

Have a few clocks set for different timezones to give the Cubs, Scouts, et al, an idea of the time in other locations. Timezones are a hard concept to grapple with without some visual prompts.

Networks are evil, if you haven’t tested before the JOTI weekend be prepared for pain. If you don’t know how the network works, or is supposed to work, steal or co-opt some one who does. Many Venturers will have the low down in this area … just refer to it as an internet connect gaming LAN 😉
If you are having network issues you can ask questions on the JOTI channels and someone will probably be able to help you, there are many geeks and professional geeks lurking on Scoutlink. *chuckle*

More stronger Coffee is good, extreme coffee is better!

JOTI is a multinational activity, it is possible that you are going to see languages other thane the one(s) you are comfortable with, the advantage of being on the computer is that you can cut and paste into online translation services. Personally I like – http://babelfish.altavista.com/

Scouting 100 Award for Radio Scouting
JOTI Website
Scout Radio and Electronics Service Unit (SRESU) Scouts Australia, Victorian Branch
JOTA-JOTI Community (Contacts, Validation Cards, Participation Certificates)

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