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ANZAC Day Resources

Their Spirit, Our History [Australian War Memorial]
Their Spirit, Our History is a Memorial booklet written to help young Australians to understand the historical significance of ANZAC Day. It also includes commemorative classroom activities and an outline for planning your own commemorative ceremony.

Teaching Gallipoli – Educational Resources [Visit Gallipoli / Department of Veterans’ Affairs]

Organising a Commemorative Ceremony [Department of Veterans’ Affairs]
Do you want to hold your own Anzac Day or Remembrance Day ceremony? Practical advice, helpful downloads and useful information are available. (Ceremony outline, Audio files, Anzac Day posters)

ANZAC Day – Information for Schools [WA Dept of Education & Training]

Australians at War [Department of Veterans’ Affairs]
The education kit, as with all components of the Australians at War project, examines the effects of war on the lives of Australians and how the nation has been shaped by those experiences.

An introduction to ANZAC Day for early childhood [ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee (Qld)]
Learning about ANZAC Day helps young children to understand the life and times of Australia and its people.
By building young children’s understandings about the traditions, facts and folklore of ANZAC Day, the many real life stories of sacrifices and heroism of everyday Australians will not be lost, but be handed down to future generations.

Anzac Day [Aussie Educator]
This site includes a host of educational and historical information on Anzac Day.


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Wow what a week! This set of notes will wind up my postings for Cuboree 2008.

1. CA$H
Send me your Pack405 costs for extra equipment (ponchos, gateway, etc.) so that I can divvy up the payments asap.

Sub Camp 4 worked well under pressure, the kids may have been in the marquee for 10+ hours but they were fed, entertained and kept safe. Scout Leaders and Scouts of sub camp 4 you were wonderful to work with – thank you!

Windy Wednesday – Gilwell Idol

The Afternoons program was also flooded with calls from concerned parents about the 3000-odd Cubs currently camping in the Dandenongs at a ‘Cuboree’. The Cuboree website assured visitors that “if needed there are permanent buildings on site”, and that arrangements had been made for adverse weather conditions. — (2008-Apr-02) ABC Melbourne

Update 2nd April, 2008: 9pm :
The weather front has passed and all are safe. No unexpected incidents have occurred.
Some packs are remaining on their campsites whilst others through necessity have been transferred to dry areas.
All have had their evening meal and the vast majority are in high spirits. (…)
Victorian Cuboree 2008

Sure, Nutrigrain bowls make great helmets ;)
Sure, Nutrigrain bowls make great helmets 😉

Regarding the activities that we missed, Meredith has a pretty good idea;

(…) that we pick one or two of the action bases that our Cubs didn’t attend and use it (or them) as the basis for our Nillumbik District billy-cart derby day. We could contact the relevant activity team/s and find out what activities they had planned and then do the simple and feasible ones. We might even be able to use some of the gear that has been prepared. (…) — Meredith

Pack 405
Pack 405

On Friday night having missed the bus I was supposed to be on I arrived back with Nillumik 3 to find that the Cubs’ parents had provided each leader with a cooked dinner for Friday night and a thank-you note. How good is that! 🙂

It was good to see that Diamond Creek were able to be dropped off at the Diamond Creek hall this made the drop of area at Eltham a bit less crowded and increased the safety.

Pull down went smoothly, and I remembered the BBQ so we were able to eat some sausages in bread once the tents were down and in the trailer. Thanks to everyone who assisted with the pull down and pack up.


[PDF] letter of appreciation from the Cuboree Council (03 April 2008)
[PDF] DVD Order Form – order by 30th April 2008

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Why I’m A Leader

Why I’m A Leader
Hudson Valley Council

I’m not a Cub Scout Leader for the easy hours, high pay, parents’ gratitude, power or prestige.

I’m a leader because I want the world for your son and mine,

I want it to be a world he can shape and help shape; a world of love and laughter, where he can show compassion.

I want him to be able to look at the stars, a sunrise, a sunset, the work and world of man — and feel their beauty inside himself.

I want to help him to learn to finish anything he starts and do it well. I want to guide him to know his worth with a deeper understanding of himself.

I want to help shape men who have strength of character and are sensitive to the needs of others. I want them to be the best they can be.

I’m giving of myself and my time. I reap rewards far beyond what I give. I receive for my children and future generations a better world.

I am a Cub Scout Leader because I care.

— from Baloo’s Bugle (January 2004)

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