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I own a hot glue gun, a ring toss game, an Australian flag, and a 12 passenger van.
I know all about police checks, permission slips, and registration forms.
I save bits of string, scraps of lumber, old tin cans, and a whole garage full of newspaper.

I am a Cub Scout leader.
I get excited over paper sack kites that really fly, boys who remember to bring their books, and first aid kits that finally sell.
I laugh at Scout magazine jokes, cheer for my Pack kick ball teams, sing Frankenstein songs at pack meetings, and once wept with a Cub who just found out parents are getting a divorce.

I am a Cub Scout leader.
I have bribed new Cubs through the Bronze Boomerang, herded unruly boys along library tours, puffed my way up steep mountain tracks, and panicked when I looked down the other side. I have threatened to quit more than once.

But I am still a Cub Scout leader.
My certificate says I’m “trained”, but I know I still have a lot to learn from district and council leaders, Cubmasters, other leaders, and especially my boys. And I still have one more lesson to teach. I will not give up, especially on any of my boys.

So I am still a Cub Scout leader.
I like to think there is a special place in heaven reserved for Cub Scout leaders. Surely, they would have a need for bird feeders and barometers and someone who could love a dirty faced Cub Scout.
I hope when I die there is a hot glue gun plugged in and waiting.

For I am a Cub Scout leader.

Modified to Australian wording from the original by Julie H. Erickson, Pack 64, Weber View District, Lake Bonneville Coucil, Ogden, UT via Bill Smith’s Unofficial Cub Scout Roundtable

Becoming a Cub Scout leader
There are many jobs for Leaders in Scouts Australia. You may become a leader of a Mob, Pack, Troop or Unit which involves varying degrees of program planning and weekly meetings.

3.1 Enthusiasm and have a strong commitment to Scouting Principles and Programme
3.2 Ability to communicate with and share leadership with other leaders and adults
3.3 Set a high standard of behaviour through personal example to youth & adult members.
3.4 Demonstrated understanding of the role and responsibilities of a Section Leader and a commitment to
performing that role as a member of the Group and the District teams.
3.5 Be able to motive, communicate and work effectively with your section youth members
3.6 Be prepared to complete Wood Badge Training within 1 year of appointment as Section Leader
Sourced from Personnel Committee Handbook, 2000, Section Leader Roles, pgs 47-54, RT, 05/01/08

Leader of Youth Training

Every Cub Scout leader should be trained. It is hard to put on an effective Cub Scout program without trained leaders. To be a Cub Scout Leader you need to undertake the Leader of Youth Training

Before you are permitted to work with young people you will have to undergo interviews and reference checks and have a police check.
i.) Mutual Agreement
ii. ) Initial Competency Check

Basic Training
The first three parts of Basic Training will normally be completed within six months of entry into the Movement. Completion of this stage will give the Certificate of Adult Leadership and Certificate of Adult Appointment (+Gilwell Woggle)
i.) Introduction to Scouting (3 hours)
ii.) Inservice Training / Technical Skills Tasks {with your Personal Leader Adviser PLA} (6-8 weeks)
iii.) Basic Core Sectional Techniques (4 days)
iv.) Basic Leadership Workbooks (Orange and Blue)

Advanced Training
The Advanced Level should be completed within three years. Completion of this stage will give the Certificate of Advanced Adult Leadership (+Wood Badge)
i.) Advanced Core Sectional Techniques (6 days)
ii.) Project (10 hours)
iii.) Advanced Leadership Workbooks
iv.) Application and Assessment (4 months)

i.) One Personal Development Unit/Elective course completed at least every 12 months

Go on! You won’t regret it ๐Ÿ™‚

[1] Become a Scout Leader! [Scouts Australia]
[2] Leader Roles [Scouts Australia Victoria Branch]
[3] Leader Roles: Section Leader (PDF) [Scouts Australia Victoria Branch]
[4] WOOD BADGE TRAINING PROGRAM (PDF) [Scouts Australia Victoria Branch]


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Some Nillumbik District dates for the diary in 2009 are …

  • 25th April, SAT – ANZAC Day
  • 9th May, SAT – Jamboree of The Trail 2009
  • 13th/14th June โ€“ Cub Scout Leadership course
  • 25th Jun, THU – Rollerskating
  • 2rd August, SUN – Pinewood Derby Organised by 1st Eltham Gellibrand (replaces Billy Carts)
  • National Tree Day will take place on Sunday 2nd August
  • 30th August, SUN – Wattle Festival (Hurstbridge)
  • 12th September, SAT – Diamond Creek Fair
  • 4th October, SUN – Bike Safety ride @ Westerfold Park
  • 16th/17th/18th October – EDAC
  • 16th/17th/18th October – JOTI JOTA
  • 20th/21st November, FRI/SAT – City Rail Trip & sleep over

Nillumbik Seeonee Dates 2009
To be confirmed
Meeting at the Monty. RSL,
meetings start at 8:00 PM.

  • Fri 6th Feb โ€“ Dinner at RSL plus Seeonee
  • Fri 6th March
  • Fri 3rd April
  • Fri 1st May
  • Fri 5th June
  • Fri 3rd July (?)
  • Fri 7th August
  • Fri 4th September
  • Fri 2nd October
  • Thu 26th November (Combined Leaders)

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Try not be become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.
— Albert Einstein.

Fun Stuff and Things to Do for All Scouts
Cub Scout Pack 193, Palm Beach Gardens, FL. USA

Cub Scout Games
Cub Scout Games For the Outdoors
Boy Scout Trail – Resources for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts

Exciting Scout Craft http://www.e-scoutcraft.com/

Jack Sinclair, a 15 year-old Scout from Australia is planning to ride across Australia to raise money for Big Brothers and Big Sisters Australia. Jack and his Dad plan to make the 2800-mile trip, from Perth to Surfers Paradise, in 30 days, starting September 11, 2008.
Perth to Paradise – Charity Bike Ride for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Australia
15 Year-Old Scout To Ride Across Australia Scouting News

Game Bag
Game Bag – North Atlanta Cub Scout Roundtable
Game Backpack – The Trainerโ€™s Corner Blog

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SA Scout Magazine

Scouts Australia, South Australia Branch produce the “SA Scout Magazine”and have now made it available online!


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I’ve just picked these guys up from Hooked on Ornaments to add some Scout flavour to our Christmas tree ๐Ÿ™‚

2008 Beagle Scout Day Out, Peanuts

2007 Beagle Scouts Campfire

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