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Cuboree 2010

From the May 2009 Group Newsletter from VicScouts;

Acting on a recommendation from the report on the 2008 Cuboree and the Branch Cub Council, the date of the next cuboree has been set down for the September school holidays, 2010 at Gilwell.
Russell Bradd has been appointed Cuboree Director and in conjunction with Branch Commissioner Cub Scouts, David Fairclough is assembling a team to provide a fresh new experience for our Cub Scouts in 17 months time.

I guess I have one big question for this change of date; What resource strain does this impose given that 2010 is also a Jamboree year? Many Leaders who have already committed to Jamboree will have issues getting extra time off work for the Cuboree.

Cuboree 6, September 27 to October 1 2010

— p.13 Australian Scout (July 2009)

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