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The UK Scout Association have a series of “Everyday Adventure” episodes up on their YouTube channel Scouts TV, there are 6 x 20 minute episodes.

An introduction to what Scouting is and how it works, showing how the movement can help make life an Everyday Adventure. This includes some things you might know about Scouting, and some you might not.

1. An introduction to what Scouting is and how it works, showing how the movement can help make life an Everyday Adventure. This includes some things you might know about Scouting, and some you might not.


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Close the Lid!

Close the Lid!

Close the Lid!

Wondering how to make the ice last a bit longer on your Scout camp?
How about including a subtle reminder inside the lid.

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Eltham JOTA/JOTI Base Radio Schedule

VK3RMH (70cm) IRLP (Clifford Park Link)

VK3RSR (2m) IRLP (Other Scout Groups)

147.400 (2m) Local Comm’s / Hand held / Games
{or other simplex}

HF (20m) Dipole

HF (40m) Trapped Dipole

HF (80m) Trapped Dipole

*** Fox Hunting “Transmitter Location”
2 x Foxes


1 x 70cm, 3 x 2m, 1 x 20m (dipole), 1 x 40m (captive dipole), 1 x 80m (captive dipole)

1 x 70cm, 1x 2m ?



JOTA is next weekend. Scouts and Guides worldwide will be on air trying to contact each other. Approximately 500,000 people around the world are involved in the Jamboree On The Air and Jamboree On the Internet every year.

You’re likely to hear Scout stations operating on or adjacent to the calling frequencies, however they are not limited to those places on the bands. As with any event of this nature, operators will look for a nice clear spot, or tune around to find someone calling “CQ Jamboree”.

This year there will be Australian Scouts on air using their own callsigns for JOTA for the very first time. Congratulations to those Scouts who have gained their license, and those who are about to.

JOTA and JOTI commence officially at midnight local time on Friday 16th October, and finish at midnight local time Sunday 18th October.

There will be an address by Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce, AC, Governor General of Australia, Chief Scout and Patron of Girl Guides Australia. This is broadcast on amateur radio frequencies, usually through the WIA news network, at 1300 local time. Please check with your local Scout people for details in your state or territory. For those unable to listen to the broadcast, the MP3 file may be played locally.

The address will be available for download from the usual WIA news source, and from scouts.com.au JOTA-JOTI pages. Follow the link from “international”.

The Scout calling frequencies, which can be found at http://www.scouts.com.au are:

International voice calling frequencies:
3.690 & 3.940 MHz,
7.090 & 7.190,

Australian voice calling frequencies:
7.090 7.190
14.190 14.290

Calling frequencies for Slow Scan TV (SSTV):

Calling Frequencies for PSK31

Next week’s WIA news on the JOTA-JOTI weekend will be presented by Amateur Radio Licensed Scouts from the Waylen Bay Sea Scout group in Perth.

Good luck with JOTA-JOTI, and thank you to all who are helping.

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ScoutLinks October-2009

A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.
— Christopher Reeve

NOV 2009 BSA Cub Scout Theme: CUB SCOUT SALUTE
This month Cub Scouts salute those heroes who help keep us safe and secure each and every day. Can only adults be heroes? Heroes are often ordinary kids who did something out of the ordinary! A den can decide what makes a hero and who the heroes of tomorrow might be by looking at people they know today. Learn about heroes in your own community, as well as Scouting heroes who have earned BSA heroism awards. Have your Cub Scouts invite their hometown heroes to a den or pack meeting. Perhaps your den can become “silent heroes” by performing service for others without seeking any recognition. Visit a fire station, veteran’s hospital (Veterans Day is this month), police station, or teacher’s classroom and learn about their heroic deeds and reciprocate with a “Scout salute” for their contributions. …

UK Scouting Magazine
UK Scouting Magazine

Boy’s Life Magazine
Links found in October 2009 Boys’ Life magazine

Western Australian Scout eNews
Chief’s Corner October 2009

The Dump
This month my featured book from “The Dump” Resources For Scouting is; The Adventures Of A Spy – The 1924 edition of B.P.’s My Adventures As A Spy.

BADEN-POWELL yarns about his exploits as a spy and talks about ‘the sport of spying’. The butterfly illustrated on the cover is referred to in the ‘Englishmen as fools’ chapter, where B-P writes how useful it is to the English spy that our stereotypical image abroad was seen as being eccentric and foolish. On one occasion B-P, pretending to be an English gentlemen butterfly collector, appeared to making field sketches of the delicate pattern of a butterfly wings (used as the cover graphic). This bumbling foreigner did not apparently alarm the local guards to ‘sensitive’ military installations. But B-P was actually recording a plan of an enemy fort with gun emplacements, camouflaging their shapes amongst the delicate details of the wings. Even more ingenious, I feel, was a field sketch of the fort concealed in a drawing of the head of a moth.
The book was republished as The Adventures of a Spy in 1936.

“Johnny” Walker’s Scouting Milestones

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