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ScoutLinks December-2009

“Energy and persistence conquer all things.”
— Benjamin Franklin

United Nations Climate Change Conference
WOSM has sent a delegation to Copenhagen with a clear message: ‘Climate Change – Scouts are part of the solution!’ — Scout.org

JAN 2010 BSA Cub Scout Theme: POWER UP!
Boys explore the science of energy through solar, electrical, and wind power and how this energy is used in their everyday lives. They can explore different ways to conserve energy and protect the world we live in. Work on the Science or Weather belt loop and pin. Boys can invite friends to join in the pinewood derby and discover the power behind those little cars. What types of things are powered up by the flip of a switch? …

Boy’s Life Magazine
Links found in December 2009 Boys’ Life magazine

Western Australian Scout eNews
Chief’s Corner – December 2009

The Dump
This month my featured book from “The Dump” Resources For Scouting is; Outdoor Treasure Hunt: 120 Things for Cubs to look for. (Wolf Cub Books, No.7) 36 pages, 1953


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