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Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.
— Benjamin Franklin (1759)

Celebrate America’s freedom established on July 4, 1776, with patriotic songs, games, and family fun. Discover what makes America so special to us. Decide on a birthday present your pack can give to America by doing a service project and a “Good Turn for America.” Participate as a den or pack in an Independence Day parade. Enjoy the beauty of our country by participating in outdoor activities. Have a pack barbeque or family gathering and share some family heritage about coming to our great nation. Design and serve a birthday cake and sing to America! …

Of course for those who are not it the USA we can take our pick between several Freedom celebrations to fit into our programs;
* Independence Day 4th July (United States)
* Bastille_Day 14th July (France)

BSA changes to Cub Scouting
Cub Scouts 2010 is supported by a new leader resource, the Den & Pack Meeting Resource Guide. This new resource contains all the information a den leader or Cubmaster needs to deliver the planned program.
Cub Scouts 2010

Boy’s Life Magazine
Links found in June 2010 Boys’ Life magazine

Scouting Magazine [BSA]
Scouting Magazine May – June 2010 Issue

Western Australian Scout eNews
Chief’s Corner – June 2010

UK Scouting Magazine
UK Scouting Magazine June/July 2010
(The Shockwave magazine viewer is currently blocking access to the PDF versions so you will need to read via the site)


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