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The 1st of August is World Scout $ Day, and our goal is to raise over $66000 to support our fellow Scouts in Africa by helping to keep the Food For Life Program running!
— Scouts Australia

The 1st of August is World Scout Day… and at AJ2010, Scouts Australia’s National Team launched the World Scout $ Day project, where we are asking every Scout in Australia to donate $1 by the 1st of August. Think about it… if every member of Scouts Australia donates just $1 each, that’s over $66,000!

The funds raised for World Scout $ Day will be sent to the World Organisation of the Scouting Movement to support the Food For Life project in the African Region.


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ScoutLinks July-2010

Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

AUG 2010 BSA Cub Scout Theme: WAVES OF FUN
Jump in and make a BIG splash with fun activities that explore water and waves. There is an adventure waiting in one of Earth’s final frontiers, the depths of the ocean floors. Creatures never imagined before can be found there. What kinds of animals do live there? What does the ocean floor look like? The den could discover what makes a boat float, learn about different sea vessels, and even make their own boats. The pack can celebrate this month with a beach party (no beach required) and family picnic as they enjoy the great outdoors. Top it off with a raingutter regatta. Complete the requirements for earning the National Summertime Pack Award. This is a fun month to bring a friend! This is a wonderful opportunity to teach water safety and practice the buddy system while having fun and earning the Swimming belt loop and pin.

Boy’s Life Magazine
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Scouting Magazine July – August 2010 Issue

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Chief’s Corner – July 2010

UK Scouting Magazine
UK Scouting Magazine June/July 2010
(The Shockwave magazine viewer is currently blocking access to the PDF versions so you will need to read via the site)

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