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Service: Queen’s Scout Level (as per Venturer Scout Record Book)
Alternative 2
Assist with the running of a Joey Scout Mob, Cub Scout Pack or Scout Troop on a regular basis for at least 30 hours over a four month period. Venturer Scouts who are 14½ years can assist with the running of a Joey Scout Mob or Cub Scout Pack but must be 16 years of age to assist with the running of a Scout Troop. This assistance is to be on a regular basis over a four month period. During this period the Venturer Scout must undergo some in-service training.

Complete the Service form for the applicable Section OR, do the Youth Instructor’s Course.

A Cub Scout program framework:

Cub Scout activities should be short and wrapped up in the spirit of make-believe. Games of every sort should be played to ensure balanced training. Leaders use general Pack games, inter-Six games, sense-training games, relays and games that help in the practice of Boomerang tests. Stories, in particular Kipling’s Jungle Book as mentioned above and other similar stories that involve adventure, romance, humour, history, religious stories etc., are used and help Cub Scouts to more easily understand the meaning of their Promise and Law through analogy, stories and plays.
Play acting such as charades also allows the children to use their imagination freely. Handcrafts are another important activity of Cub Scouts and aim to help children use their fingers and their head to satisfy their creative instinct and to encourage hobbies in their spare time at home.

A good starting point for a games collection.


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ScoutLinks November-2010

“Men are respectable only as they respect”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson


The Victorian Cub Council is pleased to announce that the next Cuboree will be held from 26th to 30th of September 2011. The Theme is “and the Adventure Continues.”


December – Respect
Showing regard for the worth of someone or something.
Through interacting with pack families, Cub Scouts will develop appreciation and respect for different families and traditions. Through pack service projects, they will learn to treat the environment with care.

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October/November 2010: The changing face of Scouting
What does Scouting look like in the 21st century? Read our full report to find out then discover the ultimate expedition, Scouts at summer festivals and winter sports. We also meet Scouting’s Birthday Honours recipients, including Sir David Attenborough, Richard Hammond and the BBC’s ThrillSeeker Julia Bradbury.

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Tasmanian Branch Newsletter November 2010, Issue 10 [PDF]

Western Australian Scout eNews
Chief’s Corner – November 2010

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