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One of the really disturbing things that I noticed during our Easter hike along the Great Ocean Walk was the large amount of unburied human waste and toilet paper around both the track and the road access points, really disgusting!

It would appear that many walkers and visitors have no concept of how to have a poo when they are away from their nice comfortable toilet seat.

Build a Toilet Kit
* Toilet Paper in a waterproof bag (snap lock).
* Trowel (Plastic/Metal)
* Hand Sanitizer (a travel size bottle fits into a toilet roll)
* Larger carry bag

How to go?
1.) Go at least 60m away from the camp/trail and away from water.
2.) Dig a hole only about 15cm deep so it is in the top soil (the poo will decompose in the top soil, breaking down faster)
3.) Grab a stick and mix dirt well through the poo, the more mixed the better
4.) Carry the paper out in a snap lock bag (takes much longer to breakdown than the poo itself) OR bury it mixed in well with the poo
5.) Cover the hole and mark it with two crossed sticks
6.) Clean up with sanitizer

For more sensitive areas you will need information on how to take your waste home, this may mean some pipe with kitty litter or some special poo removal bags. Need more ideas? Read Kathleen Meyer’s “How to Shit in the Woods: An Environmentally Sound Approach to a Lost Art


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ScoutLinks April-2011

Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.
— Plato


  • 21 Ways to Improve Your Camping Lifestyle Bill Revill (2007)
    This FREE e-book is a collection of camping hints, tips and techniques adopted by the author across 40 years of camping, bushwalking, and RV travels throughout the Australian outdoors. Comprises 21 chapters over 43 pages.


May – Health and Fitness
Being personally committed to keeping our minds and bodies clean
and fit. Cub Scouts will learn that it is important and easy to eat a healthy diet and how a fitness program can be part of their daily routine.

Boy’s Life Magazine
Links found in the April 2011 Boys’ Life magazine

Scouting Magazine [BSA]
Scouting Magazine March – April 2011 Issue

Scouting Magazine [UK]
April/May 2011 issue
There’s plenty to whet the appetite in the April/May issue, now reproduced online in a fresh and interactive way. Air activities, Charley Boorman and an in-depth look at Home Hospitality. Plus, the Birkenhead Gang Show hits the road in its ambitious project to relocate their show to London in 24 hours. In our support articles, get top teeth cleaning advice, fundraising tips and a flexible volunteering case study.

INTERCHANGE – Apr 2011 (Vol. 32 No 3)

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The Great Ocean Walk, on Victoria’s spectacular west coast, stretches 104 kms from the idyllic resort town of Apollo Bay, to within sight of the magnificent 12 Apostles. Weave through beautiful National Parks, walk deserted beaches and gaze over pristine marine sanctuaries. [3]


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Saturday, May 14, 2011
Scouts Walking Together World Wide

Jamboree On The Trail is an annual day for the World Scout Movement to hike together. All Scouts, whatever their age and wherever they may be in the world, are invited to participate in whatever way they can. Cubs and younger Scouting sections could visit a local nature trail as part of a weekend camp. A Scout Troop might check out a hiking trail while working on badge requirements. A Rover Crew might make a Service Project out of restoring or maintaining a hiking trail. In their own way, everyone will be hiking the same direction: towards a better future through Scouting. JOTT is held on the second Saturday of May each year. [1]

The Australian JOTT contact is Peter Thomas < australia@jott.org >

[1] JOTT: Jamboree On The Trail [JOTT]

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