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Children should have the opportunity to take risks when they are playing, experts said today. The Play Safety Forum (PSF) and Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have agreed an approach to managing risk to give play providers the confidence to offer exciting and challenging play environments without unnecessary safety concerns and paperwork.

The Statement is a response to the fact that children have suffered a significant loss in their freedom to play over the past 40 years or so. Previous research has shown that a shocking half of children aged 7-12 are not allowed to climb a tree without an adult present and that one in five children aged 7-12 have been stopped from playing conkers because it’s ‘too dangerous.’1 The Government-commissioned report ‘Common Sense Common Safety’ has also recommended the adoption of more sensible and proportionate approaches to risk management particularly with respect to play activities.

Health and safety laws and regulations are sometimes presented as a reason why certain play and leisure activities undertaken by children and young people should be discouraged. Such decisions are often based on misunderstandings about what the law requires. The HSE has worked with the Play Safety Forum to produce a joint high-level statement that gives clear messages tackling these misunderstandings. HSE fully endorses the principles in this Statement. [2]

Key message: ‘Play is great for children’s well-being and development. When planning and providing play opportunities, the goal is not to eliminate risk, but to weigh up the risks and benefits. No child will learn about risk if they are wrapped in cotton wool’. [3]

Key message: ‘Those providing play opportunities should focus on controlling the real risks, while securing or increasing the benefits – not on the paperwork’. [3]

Key message: ‘Accidents and mistakes happen during play – but fear of litigation and prosecution has been blown out of proportion.’ [3]

[1] Experts agree children will not learn about risk if they are wrapped in cotton wool (2012-Sep-03) [Play England]
[2] Children’s play and leisure: promoting a balanced approach (2012-Sep-) [HSE UK]
[3] Children’s Play and Leisure: promoting a balanced approach (PDF) (2012-Sep-) [HSE UK]


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Good to see that the Scout Outdoor Centre South Australia has some great climbing packages available for their Scouts.
(Packages not available for purchase online. Visit instore for further information.)

Belay Package ($131.05)
The Belay Package is a great starting point. With it you’ll be ready to hit the gym! Combine it with the Top Rope Package and you’ll have all you need to head out to the crag and set up a top-rope climbing system.
Package includes:
✔ Black Diamond Momentum
✔ Big Air Package BD
✔ Red Chili Logo Chalk Bag
✔ BD Refillable Chalk Shot

Top Rope Package ($379.00)
Combined with the Belay Package, the Top Rope Package includes all the basic gear required to head out to the crag and set up a top-rope climbing system.
Package includes:
✔ Beal Edlinger 10.2mm x 50m dynamic rope
✔ 20m of BlueWater II++ 11.2mm static rope
✔ 120 Open Sling Nylon
✔ 3 x Krab Kong Steel XL – D
✔ 1x Vertical Rope Protector
✔ 2m of BlueWater 7mm prussic cord
✔ Plus a rope bag to carry it all in
(model dependent on stock on hand at time of purchase)

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Youth Programme is the totality of what young people do in Scouting (the activities), how it is done (the Scout method) and the reason why it is done (the purpose)

Totality: Youth Programme covers the complete span of a young person’s experience in the Movement. It is a progressive process of education and personal development.

What: Youth Programme encompasses all activities in which young people in Scouting take part. They must be attractive and challenging to young people.

How: Youth Programme, fundamentally, uses the Scout method in carrying out its activities.

Why: Youth Programme is the means of achieving the purpose of Scouting, based on its fundamental principles.

Adopted by the 32nd World Scout Conference, Paris, 1990

[1] WOSM World Programme Policy (PDF)
[2] WOSM Educational Objectives of the Scout Movement (PDF)
[3] WOSM Adults in Scouting World Policy (PDF) 17MB

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Faster, steeper, higher, deeper – the Banff Mountain Film Festival RADICAL REELS tour is coming to Australia
Catch the steepest and deepest in high-adrenalin outdoor sport films when the 2012 Radical Reels Tour comes to Australia this October and November. Hurtle down steep untouched powder, feel the cold spray of stomach-dropping kayak first descents, fly high with the world’s wildest BASE jumpers, and much more in extreme mountain sports
Growing from the largest and most prestigious mountain film festival, the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour, Radical Reels screens the most dynamic action sports films, audience-tested and programmed for maximum excitement. The judges are always on the look out for films that feature a fresh approach, a new sport, and a radically independent spirit.
To be selected for the Radical Reels tour films need to be 30 minutes shorter and have the adrenalin level turned up to the max. So grab your tickets and hang on to your seats as we present the world’s best action films on skiing, boarding, climbing, biking, kayaking and more – all brought to life on the big screen.

Melbourne: 22, 23 November
RMIT Capitol Theatre, 113 Swanston St
(Not in Melbourne? Better check here)


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ScoutLinks Sep-2012

After twelve months of being ‘missing in action’ ScoutLinks returns this month. For those who had been following the ScoutLinks posts on this site you will see an age group shift as I have moved from being a leader in the the Cub section to the Venturer section.


  • 10 emergency activities [magazine.scouts.org.uk]
    We all know that even the best-laid plans can sometimes go awry. Fortunately, Scout Leaders are a resourceful bunch – we asked you for your fail-safe suggestions that are guaranteed to entertain, even at short notice

  • Help Scouts bridge the gap between legal and moral responsibilities [scoutingmagazine.org]
    Help your Scouts or Venturers balance legal and moral responsibilities using this guided group discussion.

  • How to Choose a Stove [Scout Outdoor Centre, South Australia]
    Not all camping stoves are made the same, and choosing the right stove for you can sometimes be overwhelming. The Scout Outdoor Centre offers a wide range of stoves suitable for hiking, but which one is right for you?

  • How to select a sleeping bag [Scout Outdoor Centre, South Australia]
    Everyone knows the value of a good night’s sleep but why should we have to settle for less when enjoying the great outdoors? If you take the time to choose the right sleeping bag you won’t have too. You can get a good night’s sleep no matter the climate.

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* Links found in the September 2012 Boys’ Life magazine

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Scouting Magazine [UK]
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