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* Scouts Australia Digital Guidelines [PDF, 2.28 MB]
Listed by Scouts Australia with their Brand Manual & Logos

With the revolution of information technology, the Internet has changed the very essence of how we live our lives. More and more Australians are using the Internet for information, social activities, shopping and entertainment. Tablet computers and mobile phones are quickly becoming the major devices used to access the Internet in Australia.
In keeping with its motto to ‘Be Prepared for New Adventure’, Scouts Australia has created some guidelines to help prepare its members, volunteers, supporters and employees for communicating online as well as on their mobile phones. This will protect them from harrassment or discrimination; and provide guidance on behaving ethically online via websites, social media, email as well as on mobile phones.

* Scouts Victoria Facebook & Social Media Guidelines [PDF, 210 KB]
Listed by Scouts Victoria (Victorian Branch) in their Resource Library

Scouts Victoria places the highest priority on the safety of our members in all areas of their lives, including the online world. Members, especially young people, may not understand or be fully aware of the risks associated with social networking and the internet as a whole. Scouts Victoria understands that it is a whole new world for many members and coming to terms with how our lives are changing as social networking becomes a larger part of everyday life, particularly for younger members of the organisation, is a challenge. As such, Scouts Victoria has developed a set of simple guidelines that are aimed at supporting all members in using and engaging in social media when representing Scouting or a Group/ Section / Event.


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AJ 2013

* AJ2013 Webpage

* FACEBOOK – AJ2013 VicCon
* AJ2013 Victorian Contingent

* The Outback Experience – Website

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Personal First Aid Kit

You will often be asked to pack a “personal first aid kit” for Scouting activities, but what do you carry in such a kit? You should pack the kit to match each activity, the gear for a long bush walk (blisters?) may be quite different from that you would take SCUBA diving (reef rash?). Make sure that you know how to use the items in your kit, and that they are within their expiry dates.

The Scouts Australia – Victorian Branch InfoBook 2012 (page 94) lists the following kits and contents;

• One triangular bandage
• One 7.5 cm crepe bandage
• Small wound dressing (No 13)
• Four adhesive dressings (Bandaids)
• Three safety pins
• Plus any personal medications (This needs to include paracetamol and any anti-hystermines as prescribed for your own use. Ant and spiders bites prevalent.)

• Roll of adhesive dressing strip
• Packet of gauze squares
• Five Betadine wipes
• One wound dressing (No 14)
• One pair of shears
• Adhesive tape – 2.5 cm wide roll
• One bottle saline solution
• One set of plastic tweezers

To be taken on all major events & standing camps, etc. This should be an unlocked, weather proof and easily transportable box or pack, to be kept in an accessible location and scrupulously maintained with up to date stock.
• Four triangular bandages
• 5 pair of disposable gloves
• Two 5 cm crepe bandages
• 12 assorted safety pins
• Two 7.5 cm crepe bandages
• Small pack cottonbuds
• Two 10 cm crepe bandages
• 10 Betadine wipes
• Small box of No 13 Cotton Squares (Dove or similar)
• 4 disposable cloth wipes
• One large wound dressing – No 1535 gm
• Foil rescue sheet
• One small wound dressing
• Small notepad and pencil
• Ten wound closures – Steristrips
• 30+ Sun Screen cream –verify allergy before use
• 20 adhesive dressing (Bandaids)
• Adhesive tape – 2.5 cm wide roll
• Adhesive dressing strip
• Four non-stick dressings
• Four eye pads – sterile
• 6 bottles saline solution
• Pair of sharp scissors or shears
• Pair of plastic tweezers

Detail from the 2016 Info Book

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ScoutLinks Nov-2012


Boy’s Life Magazine
* Inside the November 2012 issue
* Links found in the November 2012 Boys’ Life magazine

Scouting Magazine [BSA]
Scouting Magazine November/December 2012 Issue

Scouting Magazine [UK]
October / November 2012

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