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To Parents of Jamboree Scouts,
Following exhaustive discussions, the NT Contingent Medical Team has agreed to release your Jamboree Scout into your care. Given a Jamboree is a major experience in a Scout’s life, the experience can sometimes produce side effects. However, with consideration of the following information you should be able to successfully re-introduce your Scout to non-Jamboree life.
If you hear noise in your kitchen very early in the morning, and rise to discover your Scout lined up in front of the pantry, with the laundry trolley, do not despair. Gently take your son/daughter by the arm and lead him/her back to bed, explaining that it is no longer necessary to queue for the issue of breakfast rations.
If your Scout slings a towel over their shoulder and walks out the front door do not worry. Wait in the bathroom until they have returned after a walk around the block. When you hear them re-enter the house let them see you step out of the bathroom so that they think that they have found an empty shower cubicle. You may also gently point out that it is no longer necessary to visit the showers in a group; other family members may find it uncomfortable to be followed into the bathroom at shower time. Do not worry if you pass the toilet and see your Scout pacing around in front of the door. This is merely a protective instinct and probably means that a friend is using the toilet. The experience is unlikely to be harmful.
When going about in public with your Scout please ensure that they know that they may wear clothing of their choice. Collar free shirts and open shoes or thongs are fine, and a scarf is not needed. Any curfew imposed from this point is a family matter.
Try to harness the newly created urge your Scout will have to move around in a group of six people. You may not need to find baby sitters for any younger children for many months to come. Also try to harness the urge they have developed to cook for everyone else in the family every third or fourth day.
Explain to your Scout that the muddy puddle in the back yard is not ‘Challenge Valley’, and that dragging their siblings through it would not be welcomed. Noisily using the leaf blower to move a beach ball around the backyard may also be something you need to manage, and be particularly careful if they head toward a car with a hammer in hand. And dancing to music on the radio should not be a surprise.
Show tolerance when your Scout rises before everyone else. You may be lucky enough to have breakfast cooked for you. A break from salads and breads for lunch is recommended, then reintroduced gradually. You might also need to ensure desserts are provided each night.
Sprinkle dirt on their clothes each day, gradually reducing the amount until you have them used to wearing clean clothes again. There is no harm in your Scout sleeping on the floor for a few days after the Jamboree. Just add more padding under them each night until they are happy to use a normal bed again.
Finally, be prepared to give your Scout lots of sympathy, love and encouragement. After all, spending ten days straight enjoying and challenging themselves has been very taxing.
Good Luck.
Dr. Justin Case
Contingent Medical Officer
Note – I am now on a long holiday and not able to be contacted
Thanks to ACT Scouts for the advice


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ScoutLinks Jan-2013


  • How to Talk About Scouting (online version) [PDF] [Scouts UK]
    We all know how hard it can be describing Scouting to someone new to us. You want to say something positive, accurate and inspiring but often find yourself wondering where to begin. After all, there are so many activities, badges, sections and ways of doing things. How do you boil it down to just a few sentences?
  • Boy Scouts of America to reconsider national membership policy (2013-Jan-28) [Bryan on Scouting (BSA)]
    The Boy Scouts of America is discussing whether to remove the national membership restriction regarding sexual orientation, the organization announced today.
    If approved, the move would end any national policy regarding sexual orientation of members and hand the responsibility of accepting members and selecting leaders to chartered organizations. Chartered organizations could then handle this task in accordance with their mission, principles, and/or religious beliefs. …

    And about time to! ‘A Scout is a brother to all Scouts’
  • Missing man found after months in bush (2013-Jan-28) [The Australian]
    An 18-year-old man has been found exhausted and dehydrated in dense bush nine weeks after he was reported missing by his family in Sydney’s north. Police said he was last seen leaving his home in Westleigh on Tuesday, November 27. …
    Man found after 9 weeks in suburban bushland (2013-Jan-29) [SMH]
    He was covered in leeches and mosquito bites, had reportedly lost almost half his body weight, and was suffering from gangrene to his feet and lower legs. He is being treated at Hornsby Hospital, and is stable.

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