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The Victorian Government is considering increasing the costs of camping in national parks and reserves and wants to hear your thoughts.
It has prepared a ‘regulatory impact statement’ to assess the impact of a user pays approach to camping fees for all 680 parks and reserves managed by Parks Victoria. – VNPA [1]

The state government plans to introduce camping fees in 11 national parks and increase fees at 24 parks. Another 98 parks or reserves will also charge fees by 2015, raising an estimated $13.5 million. [2]

The new approach is expected to be introduced in Victoria’s parks and reserves from 1 March 2014. – DEPI [3]


[1] Camping fees increase – have your say (2013-Oct) [VNPA]
[2] Unhappy campers will have to pay more to stay in national parks (2013-Oct-23) [The Age]
[3] National Parks Camping and Accommodation Fees [DEPI]


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Watch out for the Scouts

Scouting is a true worldwide movement. Try travelling from Greenland to South Africa, and from New Zealand to USA and you will be able to find members of the scouting organisation.
Most people know what scouts do. But do they know why they do it? Since age six Signe has been a scout and for the last 10 years a scout leader — and she knows exactly why.

Signe Bjørg Jensen – TEDxCopenhagen

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Hassan … The Golden Journey to Samarkand
Go as a pilgrim and seek out danger
Far from comfort and the well lit-avenues of life.
Pit your very soul against the unknown
And seek stimulation in the company of the brave.
Experience cold and hunger, heat and thirst
And survive to see another challenge and another dawn.
Only then will you be at peace with yourself
And able to know and to say:
“I looked down on the farthest side of the mountain
And, fulfilled and understanding all, I am truly content
That I lived a full life
And one that was of my own choice”.

— James Elroy Flecker

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2012-08-03 Joey & Cub Disco

Attached is a copy of a DISCO Program, all activities are music based and have been kept on the dance floor. Key points from the program for Leaders are listed below; the minimum number of Leaders required for a task is indicated in square brackets [].

two leaders at front table to collect money (and forms); need to be setup and ready to go from 6:15pm (Open doors at 6:15pm). [2 leaders]

2.) On the Floor
From 6:15pm we should have at least 4 Leaders on the dance floor mingling with the youth members – this is important, if the leaders dance, the Cubs and Joeys dance 😉
[4 leaders]

Dance Set 1 and Dance Set 2 are based around ‘action’ or ‘activity’ songs, we will need as many Leaders as dancers as possible to help lead the dances. C’mon we all can do the Time Warp and the YMCA 😉

4.) GAME 1:
Is musical corners; a corner by corner elimination game [2 leaders to run game]
** 2 prizes

5.) FOOD:
(staying with your theme); heated external to hall and kept warm at Hall ready to serve at 7:10pm. Tables will need to be in place from 7:00pm. Drinks available at all times. [4 leaders to setup and clear]

6.) GAME 2:
Is musical statues (basically musical chairs without the chairs) last one to freeze sits down – last one standing wins. [2 leaders to run game]
** 2 prizes?

7.) DANCE SET 3:
From here we go top 40 for the last 25 minutes; this allows for Joeys leaving early not to miss activities. The music will play on to 9:30 for pickups etc.


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ScoutSafe Sam
When organising and participating in
activities, think SAM
Spot the hazard. Assess the risk. Make the change

From page 27, Encompass, Issue 55 – August 2013 Scouts Australia, Queensland Branch

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ScoutLinks October-2013


Boy’s Life Magazine
Boy’s Life
* Inside the October 2013 issue
* Links found in the October 2013 Boys’ Life magazine


Scouting Magazine [BSA]
Scouting MagazineSep/Oct 2013 Issue


Scouting Magazine [UK]
Scouting MagazineOctober/November 2013 issue
Get Active! October/November 2013


National E-News October 2013

Newsletter October 2013 [PDF]

Encompass, Issue-57, October 2013 [PDF]


South Australia
SA Scout MagazineSeptember 2013, Volume 7, Edition 3

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