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Areas of Personal Growth (AoPG)

“The purpose of the Scout Movement is to contribute to the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual potentials as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities.”

In recent years a sixth area has been added CHARACTER, so the acronym has now become SPICES.

S Social:
Area of development: Social Nature

Having a sense of belonging in a group, through friendship and interaction. Developing an understanding of social issues in my communities, and recognising my responsibility to appreciate cultural diversities.
Having fun.

Acquiring the concept of interdependence with others and developing one’s ability to Co-operate and lead.

P Physical:
Area of development:Body

Understanding my body and my physical capabilities, while developing skills through appropriate physical challenges.

Becoming responsible for the growth and functioning of one’s own body.

I Intellectual:
Area of development: Intelligence

Having the ability to create ideas, leading to a plan of action and carrying it through to its conclusion using common sense. Being able to plan and analyse and take on board the consequences of my actions.
Having the ability to understand how a team works, and my role within it. Having the ability to evaluate a situation and follow instructions as appropriate.

Developing one’s ability to think, innovate and use information in an original way to adapt to new situations.

C Character:

Area of development: Character Development
Accepting myself and recognising my own potential for growth and what it is I can become.
Developing myself in a manner consistent with a set of values and with mutual respect and understanding for others.

Recognizing one’s responsibility towards oneself and one’s right to develop, learn and grow in search of happiness whilst respecting others. Learning to assert oneself, make one’s own decisions, set aims and identify the necessary steps to achieve them.

E Emotional:
Area of development: Emotions

Having the confidence and security to be aware of and express my emotions, and to understand and accept them. Learning how to deal with situations and people I meet every day while having respect for other people’s emotions and being aware of the impact of my actions.

Recognising one’s own feelings and learning to express them in order to attain and maintain an inner state of freedom, balance and emotional maturity.

S Spiritual:
Area of development: Soul

Having an understanding and acceptance of myself and my value as a unique human being, and an equal acceptance of the value of others. Having respect for myself and others and the world in which we live. Having a sense of responsibility for my environment and my place in it. Developing a personal awareness of a higher being and an expression and exploration of a faith.

Acquiring a deeper knowledge and understanding of the spiritual heritage of one’s own community, discovering the Spiritual Reality which gives meaning to life and drawing conclusions for one’s daily life, whilst respecting the spiritual choices of others.

[1] Understanding The Scout Method and the Areas of Personal Growth | A Guide for Venturer Scout Unit Councils [Sydney North Region Scouts]


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