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Small single burner butane stoves have become very popular in camping kits due to their ease of use and low purchase price, in fact many of us probably have one (or two) stowed away – possibly in the back of their 4WD. Having become somewhat ubiquitous, how safe are they?

The first thing is to check the stove has an Australian Gas Association (AGA) compliance sticker/logo, if it doesn’t have the sticker it is not compliant for use in Australia … toss it and get one that is compliant.

Given general safety procedures such as cooking outdoors in well ventilated areas and not using hot plates or pans that cover the entire stove (overlapping the canister flap) what else should we be looking out for to avoid explosions?


In the September 2013 edition of Exceed (the Pajero 4WD Club Vic magazine) there was an article that flagged an important element of safety with the Butane cans. (Partially reproduced in the club forums)

The CRV (Countersink Release Vent) is a Butane can safety feature that allows gas to vent through the perforations in the can rim when extreme heat or pressure is too much. Non CRV cans will exploded with damaging results.
The CRV approved cans are identified by their certification marked on the can and packaging (certification and compliance of either EN417 or UL147B) they also have a light blue colour rim.

FIG: CRV (top) vs Non CRV (lower) Butane cans

FIG: CRV vs Non CRV Butane can

Having checked the stock in our Venturer Den, only 1 can in 5 was a CRV can. This situation has now been rectified and we will only purchase and use cans with the CRV certification.


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