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juststrange [Tumblr]


  • Rude vs. Mean vs. Bullying: Defining the Differences (26-Nov-2012) [Huffington Post]
    While I always want to be careful not to minimize anyone’s experience (it’s the social worker in me!) and a part of me suspects that the sharing of this particular story may have been simply this parent’s spontaneous way of making conversation with me in a store aisle, I hear these “alarming” (read: benign) stories often enough to conclude that there is a real need to draw a distinction between behavior that is rude, behavior that is mean and behavior that is characteristic of bullying.
  • Timely reminder to be prepared when hiking (2014-Mar-20) [Victoria Police]
    Two female hikers have been winched to safety after becoming lost on a track in the Australian Alps walking track.
    The women left for their walk on Monday and today intended to head to Wonnangatta Valley but became lost.
    The 30-year-old women lost their tent and while they did have enough food for a five day trip, they did not have enough water.
    Search and rescue have been involved in three similar incidents in as many weeks and want to remind people to go prepared.

    _lost their tent_ …!? discuss

  • 51 things your kids need to do before they turn 12 – Nature Play SA launches with aim to get kids to lead active outdoor life (2014-Feb-26) [Adelaide Now]
  • Calendar of environmental events 2014 [environment.gov.au]

Boy’s Life Magazine [BSA]
Boy’s Life
* Inside the March 2014 issue
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Scouting Magazine [BSA]
Scouting MagazineMar/Apr 2014 Issue


Scouting Magazine [UK]
Scouting MagazineFebruary/March 2014 issue
Get Active! February/March 2014


Newsletter March 2014 [PDF]

EncompassEncompass Issue 61 – March 2014 [PDF]

Encompass 61

New South Wales
Lookwide Magazine – magazine for Venturers in NSW.
Edition 11 – February 2014 [PDF]



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Rapid Recipes: Armpit Fudge

Sounds disgusting, tastes delicious — armpit fudge is the perfect sweet treat for Scouts. Try this all-action, no-mess rapid recipe and ‘squish and moosh’ your way to fabulous fudge!

Rapid Recipes: Turkey dinner in a ‘tater

How to prepare a festive meal with a Scouting twist…

Rapid Recipes: Mexican bean soup

This Mexican-inspired veggie bean soup has a fiery chilli kick and is the perfect comfort food for freezing winter camps. Perfecto!

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Rapid Recipes: Pitta Pocket Pizza

All Scouts and campers will love pitta pocket pizzas. Choose your favourite filling, wrap in foil and warm them over the embers of your fire for a simple and delicious lunch.

Rapid Recipes: Tofu Skewers

These nutritious and fuss-free skewers cook brilliantly over the embers of your fire — and will appeal to veggies and non-veggies alike. Serve with rice or flatbreads and enjoy!

Rapid Recipes: Energy Kick Trail Bars

Heading out onto the trail? These high-energy snack bars are easy to make and will give you a great boost when the going gets tough.

Rapid Recipes: Creamy Chicken Stew

In need of a hearty campfire meal? Why not whip up some delicious creamy chicken stew.

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ScoutLinks February-2014


The Last Road [Tumblr]


  • Extreme sport for kids: Born to ride … and rock climb … and skateboard (2014-Feb-02) [The Age]
    ”Extreme sport is seen by kids as cool and by parents as safe,” Monash University sports lecturer Tom Heenan said. ”It’s lost its fear factor.”
    The Australian Sports Commission has nominated extreme sport as one of the six strong trends that will impact sport over the next 30 years. Skateboarding, roller sports and rock climbing, for example, will be showcased for the first time at this year’s Youth Olympics in Nanjing.
    ”The lifestyle/adventure sports are starting to be quite popular with the younger generations,” ASC deputy manager of research Paul Fairweather said. ”Although the sports are all different, they all have an element of thrill-seeking to them.”

    * How does this affect your Scouting program – do you have extreme sport in your mix?

  • Chinese Student Confirmed Dead during Hike in Australia’s Tasmania (2014-Feb-24) [CRI English]
    … The deceased and two other students set out into the famous bush walking area on Thursday morning, but they encountered a sudden temperature drop when strong winds accompanied with heavy rains started to pick up soon after setout. Police said the student fell ill and initial investigations suggest that he may have suffered from hypothermia. Meanwhile, early indications are that the group was not sufficiently equipped to undertake the multi-day hike. …

Boy’s Life Magazine [BSA]
Boy’s Life
* Inside the February 2014 issue
* Links found in the February 2014 Boys’ Life magazine


Scouting Magazine [BSA]
Scouting MagazineJan/Feb 2014 Issue


Scouting Magazine [UK]
Scouting MagazineFebruary/March 2014 issue
Get Active! February/March 2014


Newsletter February 2014 [PDF]

EncompassEncompass Issue 60 – February 2014 [PDF]


South Australia
SA Scout Magazine – 2014, Volume 8, … ???
Looks like this one may have died during 2013

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So, what are you doing this weekend?

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