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The Great Victorian Rail Trail (formerly the Goulburn River High Country Rail Trail) is the longest continuous rail trail in Australia traversing 134km. The trail follows the route of the former Mansfield Railway in north central Victoria, Australia, located north-east of Melbourne. The route comprises approximately 125km from Tallarook, near Seymour, through major towns of Yea and Bonnie Doon to Mansfield. An additional 13km spur to Alexandra extends from Cathkin.


DAY 1. (36km)
Mansfield to Maindample (bitumen sealed surface) – 12km
Maindample to Bonnie Doon (bitumen sealed surface) – 8km
Bonnie Doon to Merton (compacted gravel surface) – 16km

Camping @ Merton / or push onto Yark +18km ?
Yark Hotel offer tent sites for $20 a night for bikers and campers {link is dead, Hotel under new ownership. Will need to confirm this as still being an option 2015-Sep-06}

Checking my notes we were looking at the Merton football oval as a possible camp site.

DAY 2. (44km)
Merton to Cathkin (compacted gravel and bitumen sealed surface) – 24km
Cathkin to Yea (compacted gravel surface) – 20km

Camping @ Yea Family Caravan Park

DAY 3. (41km)
Yea to Trawool (compacted gravel surface) – 25km
Trawool to Tallarook (compacted gravel surface) – 16km

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[3] The Great Victorian Rail Trail – Visitor Information [Bicycle Network]
[4] High country epic [Bicycle Network]
[5] Goulburn River High Country Rail Trail — Victoria [railtrails.net.au]


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This clip suggests 10 items to pack for a short hike or an overnight hike;
1. Water + Food/Snacks
2. Extra warm clothing
3. Sunscreen + Sunglasses
4. Navigation equipment (Compass & Map)
5. Communications Device
6. Headlamp
7. Fire Lighting (Waterproof Matches, Flint + Tinder)
8. Bivvy Sack
9. Knife or Multi-tool
10. First Aid Kit

So, what are your 10 essentials for hiking?

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via Hema Maps on Facebook;


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