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The soft drink can alcohol stove works beautifully. Time for a cuppa 🙂

I used metho as the fuel rather than pure alcohol (safety factor for using with Scouts), this lowers the efficiency but gives a safer stove.

Based on Tom Allen’s stove shown in How To Turn A Beer Can Into The Only Camping Stove You’ll Ever Need [Alastair Humphreys]

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The Info Book is the annual guide to Scouting in Victoria.

You may think that you’d find the 2014 InfoBook linked from the info-and-forms page, but this is not the case. You can get to a copy via Info Book 2014 (external) 144 pages or Info Book 2014 (internal) 144 pages or Info Book 2014 (entire) 299 pages [www.vicscouts.com.au]

And another one Info Book 2014 (Version 2) 146 pages via Info Book 2014

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ScoutLinks June-2014


The Last Road [Tumblr]


  • Top 10 dangerous things you should let your children do (2014-May-30) [Essential Kids]
    The authorities on childhood adventure since 1958, Scouts Australia, are also advocates for responsible risk taking. “An adventure is a challenging journey or activity where the outcome is uncertain. The adventure of cooking a meal on an open fire can often have uncertain outcomes. Likewise sleeping out under the stars might end up in as a very cold night, or clouds could come in and it starts to rain. But in having adventures, in being challenged, we learn more about ourselves, and have some great experiences,” says Scouts Australia Deputy Principal Phil Harrison.

  • Let Kids Run Wild in the Woods (2014-May-25) [Slate]
  • Family trades television for 100 adventures (2013-Nov-11) [Essential Kids]

Boy’s Life Magazine [BSA]
Boy’s Life
* Inside the June 2014 issue
* Links found in the June 2014 Boys’ Life magazine


Scouting Magazine [BSA]
Scouting MagazineMay/Jun 2014 Issue


Scouting Magazine [UK]
Scouting MagazineJun/Jul 2014 issue
Get Active! Jun/Jul 2014
Scouting Scotland June/July 2014


2014 NewslettersNewsletter June 2014 [PDF]

EncompassEncompass Issue 64 – June 2014 [PDF]

Encompass 64

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