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Scott Morrow Adventure trilogy
Scouting for a new books of adventure for your teenagers? Check out Christopher J. Holcroft’s Scott Morrow Adventure trilogy – Only The Brave Dare, Canyon and A Rite Of Passage. Follow the unlikeliest teenager as he becomes the hero he never wanted to be but the hero a nation needed.

BraveDare Canyon Passage

Scott Morrow 01 Only The Brave Dare (2008)
Scott Morrow 02 Canyon (2008)
Scott Morrow 03 A Rite of Passage (2010)

… I saw a need to write books after teenage Scouts said they had nothing to read that reflected their journey in Scouting. I wrote three adventure books, Only The Brave Dare, Canyon and A Rite Of Passage so any teenager, anywhere can join in the frolics if a group of ordinary teens.
In my books, the boys must take on war- hardened Russian Mafia, the extreme wilds while canyoning and groups of warring motorcycle gangs. It’s a journey where ordinary teenagers emerge as heroes they never wanted to be, but ones a nation needed.
Christopher J Holcroft

[1] Christopher J. Holcroft [Official Site]
[2] Christopher J. Holcroft [Goodreads]


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Two reports have been released that are foundations of our future work. We ask that you read the reports from cover to cover to both understand the context of the research completed and to appreciate the background for the final recommendations.
Across the Scouting community will be a variety of opinions about this research. That’s normal, the research and findings probably wouldn’t be good if it didn’t create some debate and discussion!

YPR Outsourced Research (2014-Aug-08)

Some thoughts:

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Radical Reels Tour
They’re short, they’re sharp and they’re sure to shock: eight of the most extreme, high-adrenalin films from the Banff Mountain Film Festival programs will light up silver screens in Australian towns and cities this November, when the Radical Reels Tour rolls across the country.
Designed to keep audiences on the edges of their seats, the films feature daring footage of some of the most accomplished climbers, paddlers, BASE jumpers, skiers, snowboarders and mountain-bike riders alive today. Each action-packed short has been hand-picked from more than 300 entries to the most recent Banff Mountain Festival (the largest and most prestigious mountain-adventure, -culture and -exploration festival in the world).
The Radical Reels Tour is the Banff Mountain Festival’s fast-paced, furious little brother. This year, the Australian line-up showcases two-and-a-half hours of heart-stopping action. Filled with wild rides, long lines, steep jumps, and skilful stunts, these films celebrate the camaraderie, courage and conviction of today’s most out-there adventurers.
Captivating cinematography, complete with stunning vistas shot from unbelievable vantage points, pays homage to the wild and rugged playgrounds today’s thrill-seekers explore with their mountain bikes, paddles, ropes, skis, snowboards and wingsuits in tow.

Melbourne: 26, 27, 28 November 2014
The Capitol Theatre RMIT
113 Swanston Street

[1] BANFF Mountain Film Festival – Radical Reels Tour (2014-Aug-07) [radicalreels.com.au]
[2] 2014 Radical Reels Films (2014-Aug-07) [www.banffcentre.ca]

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ScoutLinks August-2014


sophie hopsy hopson [Tumblr]


Boy’s Life Magazine [BSA]
Boy’s Life
* Inside the August 2014 issue
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Scouting Magazine No Jul/Aug 2014 Issue
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Scouting Magazine [UK]
Scouting MagazineAug/Sep 2014 issue
* Get Active! Aug/Sep 2014


2014 NewslettersNewsletter August 2014 [PDF]

EncompassEncompass Issue 66 – August 2014 [PDF]


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