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  • Bivvy Bags: Tickets To Certain Death? (2015-Jan-15) [Fevered Mutterings]
    … When you’re actually doing it, it’s exciting, safe and surprisingly snug (if you do it right, of course). The terror you feel is an imaginary terror, concocted by an over-active imagination that is forgetting the basics of what you actually do when you sleep outdoors. …

  • Five simple ways to help your child get into the wild (2015-Jan-13) [The Guardian]
    The Oxford Junior Dictionary may have dropped words such as ash and catkin but let’s not jettison nature for the nagging demands of technology

  • First night nerves (2014-Nov-02) [Bear Bones Bikepacking]
    You’ve scoured the internet, read a couple of magazine articles, asked numerous questions and seen Ray Mears ont’ telly. The reality is staring you in the face, you’ve put it off far too many times … I’m too busy, it’s too cold, bit windy or a bit too wet, it’s too muddy and too dark. There’ll always be an excuse if you want one but sooner or later you’re going to have to venture out on your first bikepacking trip. …

  • Your Year of Microadventure (2014-Dec-22) [Alastair Humphreys]
    Why a Year of Microadventure? Over the last few years I’ve run annual solstice microadventure challenges. Go sleep on a hill, have fun, take a photo. It’s been a great success and a nice way for both novice and experienced folk to prod themselves into action and go do the sort of thing they often dream of but rarely get round to.
    This is an extension of the idea. It’s a monthly prod. A way to live more adventurously amongst the busy constraints of real life. A chance to explore your country or county. An opportunity to introduce your friends or family to the great outdoors. To spend more time with your mates, or a bit of time by yourself. …


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