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The Great Victorian Rail Trail (formerly the Goulburn River High Country Rail Trail) is the longest continuous rail trail in Australia traversing 134km. The trail follows the route of the former Mansfield Railway in north central Victoria, Australia, located north-east of Melbourne. The route comprises approximately 125km from Tallarook, near Seymour, through major towns of Yea and Bonnie Doon to Mansfield. An additional 13km spur to Alexandra extends from Cathkin.


DAY 1. (36km)
Mansfield to Maindample (bitumen sealed surface) – 12km
Maindample to Bonnie Doon (bitumen sealed surface) – 8km
Bonnie Doon to Merton (compacted gravel surface) – 16km

Camping @ Merton / or push onto Yark +18km ?
Yark Hotel offer tent sites for $20 a night for bikers and campers {link is dead, Hotel under new ownership. Will need to confirm this as still being an option 2015-Sep-06}

Checking my notes we were looking at the Merton football oval as a possible camp site.

DAY 2. (44km)
Merton to Cathkin (compacted gravel and bitumen sealed surface) – 24km
Cathkin to Yea (compacted gravel surface) – 20km

Camping @ Yea Family Caravan Park

DAY 3. (41km)
Yea to Trawool (compacted gravel surface) – 25km
Trawool to Tallarook (compacted gravel surface) – 16km

[1] The Great Victorian Rail Trail
[2] What is Goulburn River High Country Rail Trail (PDF) [railtrails.net.au]
[3] The Great Victorian Rail Trail – Visitor Information [Bicycle Network]
[4] High country epic [Bicycle Network]
[5] Goulburn River High Country Rail Trail — Victoria [railtrails.net.au]


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2012-08-03 Joey & Cub Disco

Attached is a copy of a DISCO Program, all activities are music based and have been kept on the dance floor. Key points from the program for Leaders are listed below; the minimum number of Leaders required for a task is indicated in square brackets [].

two leaders at front table to collect money (and forms); need to be setup and ready to go from 6:15pm (Open doors at 6:15pm). [2 leaders]

2.) On the Floor
From 6:15pm we should have at least 4 Leaders on the dance floor mingling with the youth members – this is important, if the leaders dance, the Cubs and Joeys dance 😉
[4 leaders]

Dance Set 1 and Dance Set 2 are based around ‘action’ or ‘activity’ songs, we will need as many Leaders as dancers as possible to help lead the dances. C’mon we all can do the Time Warp and the YMCA 😉

4.) GAME 1:
Is musical corners; a corner by corner elimination game [2 leaders to run game]
** 2 prizes

5.) FOOD:
(staying with your theme); heated external to hall and kept warm at Hall ready to serve at 7:10pm. Tables will need to be in place from 7:00pm. Drinks available at all times. [4 leaders to setup and clear]

6.) GAME 2:
Is musical statues (basically musical chairs without the chairs) last one to freeze sits down – last one standing wins. [2 leaders to run game]
** 2 prizes?

7.) DANCE SET 3:
From here we go top 40 for the last 25 minutes; this allows for Joeys leaving early not to miss activities. The music will play on to 9:30 for pickups etc.


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ScoutSafe Sam
When organising and participating in
activities, think SAM
Spot the hazard. Assess the risk. Make the change

From page 27, Encompass, Issue 55 – August 2013 Scouts Australia, Queensland Branch

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A WOMAN missing for four days in a national park was rescued after scrawling the word “HELP” in sand. — (2013-Apr-07) Herald Sun

(Still from Victorian Police air wing video)


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(This page last updated 24-August-2011)

Life is either a great adventure or nothing.
— Helen Keller

1. Who’s in Pack 114?
Although the Cuboree Pack allocations have not been made available as of today, I think it is safe to start making some educated guesses based on our upcoming District Camp/PreCuboree Camp. Of course this may all change with further information.

Pack 114:
Pack Akela – Bec Roberts (1st Diamond Creek)
Catering Team (1st Eltham: Kiwi, Rama)
* 1st Diamond Creek
* 1st Research
* 1st Eltham
* 2nd Eltham Sea Scouts.


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One of the really disturbing things that I noticed during our Easter hike along the Great Ocean Walk was the large amount of unburied human waste and toilet paper around both the track and the road access points, really disgusting!

It would appear that many walkers and visitors have no concept of how to have a poo when they are away from their nice comfortable toilet seat.

Build a Toilet Kit
* Toilet Paper in a waterproof bag (snap lock).
* Trowel (Plastic/Metal)
* Hand Sanitizer (a travel size bottle fits into a toilet roll)
* Larger carry bag

How to go?
1.) Go at least 60m away from the camp/trail and away from water.
2.) Dig a hole only about 15cm deep so it is in the top soil (the poo will decompose in the top soil, breaking down faster)
3.) Grab a stick and mix dirt well through the poo, the more mixed the better
4.) Carry the paper out in a snap lock bag (takes much longer to breakdown than the poo itself) OR bury it mixed in well with the poo
5.) Cover the hole and mark it with two crossed sticks
6.) Clean up with sanitizer

For more sensitive areas you will need information on how to take your waste home, this may mean some pipe with kitty litter or some special poo removal bags. Need more ideas? Read Kathleen Meyer’s “How to Shit in the Woods: An Environmentally Sound Approach to a Lost Art

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