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The Ausralian Red Cross Blood Service’s 2007 Winter Blood Challenge is on again!

Australia needs 21,000 donations each week, or more than 270,000 donations this winter.
Remember we all need to work together to get this total. Its not about getting a prize, but about helping saving lives. Just think, it is saving a mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend etc…

Details from WinterBlood.pdf [Scouts Australia Victorian Branch]


A couple things to remember when donating make sure you take 3 points of ID with
you which include a photo, name and DOB. A drivers licence or passport will suffice.
After donating

Donors can register their donations for the challenge toward the organisations tally by
completing the following:

1. log onto http://www.donateblood.com.au

2. or you can fill out the registration forms at the donor centre and leave them
filled out and left at the donor centre after your donation

Check your eligibility to donate [Australian Red Cross]

Check the results?
As of Wednesday 26th June 2007, 9:00pm Scouts Australia was not looking good with our statistics for Victoria showing “Percentage of employees 0.1% (26 of 35000)”, but this gives us a much better

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Listen live to Promise FM
Keep The Promise 🙂

Grab some video from Brownsea Island 2007 on YouTube.


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Animal Scats

Kangaroo Poo from Darren’s Diatribe

On last weekend’s Scout Hiking Trip we played a little prank on the Scouts.

I arranged for the Scout Leader to stop when he found some fresh kangaroo poo and talk to the Scouts about it. He asked what sort it was and they guessed correctly. He asked how we could tell for sure, but nobody had any suggestions.

I palmed a Fruit Choc which was very similar in size and colour to the poo and pretended to pick it up from amongst the kangaroo poo. I explained that a kangaroo poo smelled kind of musty and gave the faux poo a good sniff. At this point, most of the kids were saying “gross” and “ewwww”, but I had hardly started. …

Good to see I’m not the only one … of course it’s even more impressive if you are carrying a copy of Barbara Triggs’ Tracks, Scats and Other Traces – A Field Guide to Australian Mammals (commonly referred to as ‘the poo book’ by my Cubs) as it has a large section on recognising scats


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Info Book 2007


Info Book 2007 – Leader Informations & Resource Manual 2007 Edition. Available on-line from VicScouts.

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Sussex (UK) ambulance service provide first aid advice in audio format


Did you know you can now download first aid advice in mp3 format to store on your iPod (or any mp3) player? They are royalty free and have been professionally recorded so they will always be crystal clear whenever you need them.

They cover all the situations where giving the correct first aid may mean the difference between life and death.

All the advice provided is up to date and complies with Resuscitation Council guidelines. Of course, we realise that everyone hopes that they are never confronted with these situations. But unfortunately, the facts are otherwise. What is more, the chances are the victim will be somebody close to you.

More information … Sussex Ambulance Service (UK) link updated 30-Aug-2007

  1. Burns – Explains the immediate treatment for burns and scalds.
  2. Fits – How to deal with fits (convulsions/seizures) in adults and young children.
  3. Wounds – Immediate actions for wounds, bleeding, and bleeding associated with fractures.
  4. Unconscious patient who is breathing – How to deal with an unrousable patient who IS breathing – includes recovery position.
  5. CPR for adults – Adults who have collapsed, unrousable and NOT breathing.
  6. CPR for babies – Babies who are unrousable and NOT breathing.
  7. Collapsed patient in detail – Explains the complete scenario including checks for breathing, circulation, etc.

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Some dates for the diary for 2007 are …

  • 18th Apr, Sports Activities
  • 12th May, Jamboree of The Trail, Hall Krawl
  • 16/17th Jun, Leadership Course (to be confirmed)
  • 28th Jun, Rollerskating
  • 26th Aug, Billy Carts, Venue and Organizing Group to be decided
  • 14th Nov, Mystery Night

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Seeonee 2007

Seeonees for 2007
Meeting at the Montmorency RSL, meetings start at 8:00 PM.

* Friday 2nd Mar
* Friday 30th Mar
* Friday 4th May
* Friday 1st Jun
* Friday 3rd Aug
* Friday 7th Sep (?training night?)
* Friday 26th Oct (?training night?)
* Friday 29th Nov Combined Leaders Meeting
(Venue to be advised)

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